How To Decide on a Wedding Cake?

Once you have decided you are getting married and you have fixed the date, this is where the hard work starts. The list of things to do begins and things get added – what sort of wedding dress, photographer, honeymoon destinations, venue for reception. Most of these need to be thought about before you have walked down the aisle as man and wife.
When it comes to choosing a wedding cake, most couples tend to go down the traditional route of a tiered cake in white which is very simple to look at. These days there are a variety of wedding cakes available, some of which are totally different form the traditional wedding cakes. One such modern take is to have cupcakes rather than a tiered cake. Choosing cupcakes for your wedding is a popular choice amongst couples today.
Cupcakes are great to have at weddings as you can design them how you want – the same design or individual designs such as an individual cupcake for each of your guests with their name written in icing on top. Another idea could be to write the names of the bride and groom on the cupcake. Having individual cupcakes can also be used as a wedding keepsake. Putting the cupcake in a keepsake box to take home adds a special touch. With a traditional wedding cake, guests have to wait until they are served a piece of cake, which can be time consuming. Having cupcakes always pleases the younger guests, particularly children.
If you do choose a traditional tiered cake then the choice of how you want it decorated is vast. You can have a coloured cake or white cake with icing to match your wedding theme. Whatever you decide, your wedding cake should be something special.

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