Deciding on Wedding Cake Layers

When choosing a wedding cake, another consideration is deciding how many layers the cake should have. Although many people like the appearance of a wedding cake with many tiers, there is often no reason to have one. Here are some of the things to think about when deciding on wedding cake layers.

Firstly, determine how many people will be attending the wedding. This will be the first question asked by the baker when discussing the size of the cake required. For smaller wedding parties, most people will only need two layers. For a larger wedding, three is often a good size. 

For couples who like the appearance of many layers, they may want to think about opting for fake layers. These are tiers which have been decorated to look like the rest of the cake, but are not actually edible. This is a good option for those on a tight budget; the wedding cake will look spectacular, but the fake layers will reduce the cost.

There is no reason to opt for more cake than is affordable. However, it is traditional for couples to want to save some of the cake for their first wedding anniversary, however it is not economic to have too much leftover, which will go to waste. Also remember that while there is a strong possibility that everyone does not enjoy the flavour of wedding cake, there needs to be enough available for those guests who would like to take a piece home.

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