Diane Shaw

Diane Shaw is a guru and celebrity in the hair extension business, with twenty-five years of experience in this field. With over a hundred trained consultants in Europe and Africa, she manages to provide new concepts in hair extensions that can actually impart a new identity for people, but that can also help men and women who are simply seeking to enhance their hair and meet their daily hair challenges.

To add some excitement to the hair extension market, Diane has introduced the new lace front wig (sometimes called the front lace wig). What is so exciting and innovative about the lace front wig is that the hairline of the wig is made out of lace material. This material is constructed of Swiss Lace or French Lace, which is almost unnoticeable to the naked eye when put against the skin. Only the lace front wig can be trusted in maintaining the illusion of growing hair, which is why it has become the top-picked hair style extension of most celebrities and media personalities. Shaw has taken advantage of her wig’s success by creating a two-day training course to make any interested hairdresser a qualified consultant for the lace front wig.

Diana Shaw’s popularity continues to grow as a result of her innovative ideas, and many salons have adopted her concepts, making them part of the international main stream of hair styling. She also welcomes inquiries from people who are interested in her ideas for hair extension, helping them to be more professional and more competitive while offering better service to all their hairstyling customers.

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