Disagreements with Parents

It is likely throughout your teenage years that you will find that you do not see eye to eye with your parents at times. This is common as you are aiming to exert your independence and individuality while your parents strive to keep you safe with the expectation that they set the rules within the household. When parents lay down the law, it is usually because either they are worried, about you or about something or someone, you may be involved with. Of course, it feels natural to you to fight against this. The problem is that once you start fighting with each other, it can become difficult to break that cycle.

When trying to resolve a conflict with your parents, it is best to avoid name-calling or personal attacks. This will not achieve a positive outcome. If you want your parents to understand things from your perspective, you need to speak from your perspective. For example, “I really feel I should be allowed to go to my friend’s house on weekday evenings as long as I have done my homework.” instead of “you never let me go out at night!”

A way to work through this issue is to try to find a way to speak calmly with your parents. If possible, take some time to plan what you want to say. This should help your parents to see that you are handling the situation in a mature manner. Try to focus on the issue and why it is so important to you. Also, remember that if you want your parents to take the time to listen to your opinions, it is important that you also listen to what they have to say and be prepared to compromise.

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