Do-It-Yourself Massage Therapy: Feet

For people on their feet all day, a foot massage at the end of the day can relieve the soreness and alleviate potential podiatric problems. Best of all, you can do it yourself. Foot massage can be done with or without lotion, though a lotion will help lubricate the movements as well as moisturise the feet.

Start by grasping one foot firmly in both hands, with thumbs on the top and fingers on the sole. This is easiest if you sit down and bring your knee toward your chest with the sole of the foot toward the floor. Squeeze your foot between your thumbs and fingers, and then firmly massage the top of the foot with your thumbs and the heels of your hands, working toward the toes with one hand and toward the heel with the other.

Reposition your foot so that it is across the opposite thigh, with the sole toward the ceiling. Grasp your foot with the fingers on the top and thumbs on the sole. Use your thumbs to draw small, firm circles all over the soles of your feet, working from your arch to the ball of your foot.

To massage your toes, grab each toe and rub small circles over it with your fingertips. Gently pull each toe away from the foot, as if to make your foot longer. When you have done that to each toe, grab your toes in one hand, with the ball of your foot on the heel of your hand, and stretch your toes as far back toward the top of your foot as comfortable. Hold them there for 15 to 20 seconds, and then pull your toes as far as comfortable toward the ball of your foot and hold for another 15 to 20 seconds.

Repeat with the other foot.