Do-It-Yourself Massage Therapy: Hands

Hand massage relieves the tension and soreness that can build up in people who type or otherwise use their hands all day. A hand massage can be done dry or using an oil or hand lotion.

Start by shaking out your hands and rotating your wrists several times to release tension. Grab each finger in turn and press it as far as comfortable toward the back of the hand, then toward the palm and to each side, stretching each finger through its full range of motion. Bend each knuckle independently to relax the ligaments.

Massage the palm of your hand using firm pressure with the other thumb, paying special attention to the heel of your hand and the areas between the bones of your palm. Repeat with a kneading motion of the knuckles on your other hand.

Apply firm pressure to the lower part of each fingernail in turn, gently massaging the nail bed with small circular strokes of the opposite thumb.

To massage fingers, pinch each fingertip between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand and massage using twisting or small circular motions from the fingertip toward the palm.

Massage the back of your hand with firm but not heavy strokes, focusing on the areas between the bones, starting at the base of the fingers and working toward the palms.

End a hand massage with a light feathery stroke from the fingernails to the elbow, using just the fingertips of the opposite hand.