Easy science fair project ideas for lazy parents

When that time comes along for your child to require a science project, more than likely you will be racking your brains trying to think up an easy science fair project idea. After all, you are a busy parent with 101 things to do, you need something quick and straightforward that uses non-expensive, simple to find materials, but is still a useful project. Well, there are actually plenty of options that match the above criteria and we will be looking at a few today.

Here is a good idea as it uses the subject’s body so requires very little other materials! It is the project that aims to find, ‘which sense is better at helping you identify food, taste or smell?’ What you can do is cut or mash a few different food types, and have the child blindfold a test subject getting them to guess the food on smell only, then see if they can guess with taste. It’s a simple one but fun all the same and does provide a scientific purpose.

Another test that is ideal as an easy science fair project idea for lazy parents is the ‘fizz test’ as it uses something you are likely to have around the house anyway – a bottle of soda. ‘Which carbonated soda stays fizzy the longest?’ Your child can do this by setting up a few different sodas on a table and see how long they produce bubbles for.

Keeping with the soda theme, this is also an especially nice experiment for your kids if their science fair is during the summer months. It is the ‘What’s the fastest way to cool a can of soda?’ test. To do this the child will need to have a couple of the same types of soda to hand. Each can will use a different method to try and keep it cool. For example, they could have one can in the freezer, one just in a paper towel that has been cooled in the fridge, and another could be placed in an ice bucket, along with a can just in the fridge as normal. The kids can then find out which one becomes the coldest, the fastest.

To round off our easy science fair project ideas for lazy parents list is this really fun and easy to set up project. It is the ‘apple test’. In particular, the challenge is to see how we can keep apples from going brown, and what ways can keep them fresh for longer. The child will just need to have some pieces of equally sliced apple, each in a separate dish. Then each slice should be soaked in a different substance (except one, so you can compare with a non-affected piece). Substances the apple slices can be soaked in include lemon juice, vinegar, milk, water and baking soda. The kids should have fun guessing then finding which substances help to keep an apple from going brown.

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