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Eco Bags Lunch Tote

Whether it is to work or school, millions of people take bag lunches with them. Food carried from home can be maintained safe if it is handled properly. Today, a new and creative way to carry our food without using plastic bags has been created: Eco Bags Lunch Tote is the newest lunch bag that is reusable and offers several advantages compared to other lunch sacks.

Sure there are numerous of cool green lunchboxes available on the market but sometimes parents opt to have a simple and easy to carry lunch bag for their children. Eco Bags Lunch Totes is bigger than a paper lunch sack, and is made out of recycled unbleached 10 oz. cotton canvas, with a Velcro closure at the cover. It is a recycled product because scraps are gathered and woven into new canvas fabric to make the bags. Taking care of it is easy, too. On small spills, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean or just simply machine wash it on cold and hang to dry. It is both kid and grown-up friendly, and perfect for travel and night trips. One can even get creative and personalise them with colourfast fabric markers and paints, or sew on some preferred patches.

Keep in mind that the more care we take of these reusable lunch bags, the longer they will last. This lunch bag is all made from sustainable, high-performance equipments and in accordance with fair labour and fair trade practises.