Edible Flowers on Your Wedding Menu

While you have probably spent some time choosing the flowers that will make up your wedding décor, you have likely overlooked them as part of the menu. Many flowers are edible and can be incorporated into things like your cake, desserts and even a celebratory beverage.

There are approximately a dozen common flowers that are edible. The edible portion of the flower varies from bloom to bloom. For example, all parts of a dandelion can be consumed safely, while only the petals and rose hips are edible in roses. Flowers meant for consumption are prepared several ways, depending on their use. For wedding cake decorations, they are almost always coated with egg white and then sugared. This preserves their freshness and also makes a pretty presentation with just a touch of sparkle. The most common flowers used in cake decorating include violets, pansies and roses.

Whenever you prepare flowers for an edible application, there are several important things to keep in mind. The first is the potential allergies of your guests. If you offer any menu item with edible flowers, make sure that you have an alternative with just the normal ingredients. People with severe pollen allergies can be extremely sensitive. Also, make sure that you are sure of your source when gathering or purchasing flowers that you intend to serve. Never gather on open land as you cannot be sure if the blooms have been exposed to pesticides. When you are buying flowers, be sure to inform the grower or retailer that you plan on using them in your wedding menu. This is also one time when it can be really smart to buy organic.

Using edible flowers can make a huge impact, because they are not commonly on the menu, they make a good impression and are a visual reminder that your wedding is a truly special occasion.

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