Embarrassing Celebrity Moment: Tom Cruise on “Oprah”

In 2005, Tom Cruise went a little crazycakes on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” He was so filled with love for then new girlfriend Katie Holmes that he couldn’t contain himself. He jumped up on the couch repeatedly, grabbed Oprah repeatedly and just generally made a fool out of himself. “The boy is gone,” said Oprah before she led the audience in a chant of “Katie, Katie, Katie…” to lure the actress onto the set from where she waited backstage. When she didn’t immediately appear, Cruise headed back to get her, cameras capturing his every skip. When he finally dragged Holmes out to see and be seen by Oprah and her audience, she looked more than a little embarrassed.

That wasn’t the last time Cruise did something wacky, but it certainly ranks at the top of the list. Oprah and Cruise got together again in 2008, when the actor appeared on her show to celebrate 25 years in show business. It was a two-hour special shot at the Cruise home in Telluride, Colorado.

If you haven’t heard, Cruise and Holmes are now married and have a daughter named Suri. After she was born, her existence was questioned, because no photos of her were available. She eventually made her debut in Vanity Fair and has been even more of a target for photogs than her famous parents ever since. Suri and her mum can’t go a block in New York City without a photog snapping their pics.

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