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Eric Bana


Eric Bana, born in August 1968, is an Australian television and film actor who began his career in the popular television sketch comedy, ‘Full Frontal.’ Born Eric Banadinovic in Melbourne, Australia to a Croatian father and a German mother, Bana grew up in Melbourne’s suburbs with his older brother, Anthony.

Early in life, Bana began to show acting talents, mostly in the form of impressions of family members, friends, and teachers. Later, as a teenager, he watched the film ‘Mad Max’ and decided that he wanted to be a professional actor. However, he didn’t pursue his desire until 1991, when he was talked into trying stand-up comedy. From there he landed a spot on ‘Full Frontal.’

In 1995, Bana began dating Rebecca Gleeson, a publicist with the Seven Network. She also happens to be the daughter of then Chief Justice of New South Wales, Murray Gleeson. In 1996, Bana was named ‘Bachelor of the Year’ by ‘Cleo Magazine’ and proposed to Gleeson in 1997. They have two children, Klaus (born in 1999) and Sophia (born in 2002).

In addition to being an accomplished comedic and dramatic actor, Eric Bana, currently residing in Melbourne, is also a motor racing enthusiast and participates in races across Australia. He also loves Australian football, favouring the St. Kilda Football Club.

Deeply involved in humanitarian efforts, Bana is an ambassador for Youth off the Streets – a charity focusing on homeless young people. He is also an advocate for the Mental Illness Fellowship, which brings about awareness of mental illness in Australia.