Event Horizon

This sci-fi horror film follows in the tradition of ‘Alien’ in a typical “haunted house in outer space” setting. The premise is that the Event Horizon, a spaceship using a gravity drive, reappears years after having been lost. Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne) leads a rescue ship to it. Dr. Weir (Sam Neill), the scientist who invented the ship, comes along. As this is a horror film, all the characters have a deep-seated fear.

When their ship gets damaged, the crew goes on board the Event Horizon to repair their ship. Then, the horrors start. All the crewmembers are tortured by “ghosts” that prey on their fears. They eventually figure out that the ship went to hell, the crew was tortured to death, and now the ship is back for more victims.

The story has some good thrills; granted a lot are very graphic, but it also has plot holes. If the ship wants to take the crew alive, why kill several of the members, The ship possesses Dr. Weir; why him and none of the others, When one of the crew members is pulled into the ship’s drive and another one gets him out, no one believes him. Then, when they’re trying to escape, and they know they’re seeing things, why does a woman follow what appears to be her son, which is really a trap, All of these factors make the film a disappointment.

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