Fitting a New Gas Hob In Your Kitchen

gas hob

Fitting a gas hob into a worktop is a simple and easy task, even for an entry-level DIY enthusiast.

In the design stage, keep in mind that the most efficient kitchens have a minimum distance between the hob, kitchen sink and the pantry and refrigerator. Try to avoid crossing a main thoroughfare from the hob to the kitchen sink and also try to position it in a place that is accessible to both an electricity supply and a gas line.

A critical point to remember is that before you cut, you can always change your mind, whereas once you have cut into the worktop you are pretty much stuck with it, unless you buy a whole new worktop. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary expense, measure everything accurately before you cut. Keep your hob away from opening doors and electrical sockets. Ensure that it is positioned at least 300mm back from the edge of the worktop and that it is not going to be in a position where there is a joint in the worktop.

Measure the outline of the gas hob; most manufacturers will provide a template for this purpose. Remember, the hole you cut will need to be slightly smaller than the outline of the hob, as it needs to sit into the worktop. Carefully cut the outline on the inside edge of the line with a jigsaw. Move slowly and allow the jigsaw to do the work. Finally, trim any rough edges and slot the gas hob into the gap.

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