Flowers for the Chapel

When considering the flowers to use in the actual wedding ceremony, you have different needs and concerns than when decorating the venue for your reception. With the main focus being on the actual nuptials, you want to accent the church, but not distract from the ceremony itself. This can be a bit of a challenge.

Many churches already have a lot of inherent beauty. There is an ethereal quality when you walk into a chapel. The flowers for the church are often kept quite simple, as you can take advantage of the beauty already present in the venue itself. Many experts favour greenery over an opulent arrangement of blooms. A few carefully placed blossoms can make just the right impact.

You will want to limit the areas that you select for decoration. The most common place to add flowers is behind the pews. This is an ideal location for greenery and a modest floral swag. Also, you may want to decorate the periphery of the room. Just be sure that you don’t cover up any architectural details that are particularly lovely. In fact, you should work your design out using these design elements for more continuity in the ceremony.

The final place to consider adding floral arrangements is to the pew or pedestal. This is where the wedding party will actually be standing during the giving and receiving of vows. Because all eyes will be on this spot during your wedding, you really want to make a big impact. This will be where most of your budget should be spent when choosing the flowers for the church.

When decorating the church, avoid covering up or drawing attention away from details that set the room off. Focus on a few areas, reserving the front of the room for the major floral impact. This will ensure that all eyes are right where they belong: on the wedding party.

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