For Soft, Loose Waves

What’s “in” and fashionable in hairstyles right now is not the shiny perfect curls of the past, but sexy, loose curls. Here are some tips to help you get that “in” hair style.

The first thing you must do is prepare your hair-styling kit: hairsprays, blow dryer, texturizing spray, ponytail holders, and styling or volumizing spray. Once you have these hair styling materials, you can start making perfect waves for your hair.

Prepare your hair using styling sprays. Comb your hair after spraying it with styling spray. Part your hair down the centre and start blow drying. If you have straight hair, scrunch your hair as you blow dry. However, do not scrunch if your hair is curly; straight-dry your hair using a paddle brush, instead. When your hair is almost dry, separate it to make two pigtails. Hold the pigtails using a pony tail. Then, twist one side of the braid in one direction and have it levelled on your ear using pony tails or bobby pins. Your hair will twist itself naturally into a bun. Do the same on the other side of the pigtail so you will have two buns levelled on your ear. After a few minutes, dry your head and the buns with a blow dryer. This may be done for 5-10 minutes.

Before leaving home, free hair from the buns and comb using your fingers. To separate waves you may also apply a texturizing spray. Spray on some hairspray and you now have perfect soft loose waves that are natural and manageable!

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