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Forget About Dogs; Take Your Iguana for a Walk

You read that right, some large species of reptiles can be taught to walk on a leash. What could be more entertaining then taking your iguana or monitor lizard out on a walk in the sunshine, Good exercise, healthy sun, and a fun way to amuse the neighbours when they see your happy herp walk by.

You’ll need to make sure the weather is nice, as your large species of reptile might not like the cold or take it as a sign to go into hibernation. You’ll also want to make sure the environment you’ll be walking through is safe with no larger animal that might attack your reptile or present other environmental hazards.

Obviously, you can’t just tie a string around your reptile and head out into the sunshine. You’ll need a good harness rather then just a leash. In order to get your reptile used to the idea, you’ll want to give the reptile a chance to wear the harness for a while in your home before introducing the leash. Try letting it get used to the harness for a short periods of time first. After that, try longer and longer periods of time so your reptile won’t get too nervous when it’s outside.

Don’t expect too much from your herp. It won’t heel or walk at your side, like a dog might, and so you’ll be following your reptile more then walking it. Think of it more as a way to keep your reptile from getting too far away from you as it explores the outdoors.