Free Student Computers

Being a student means that you will be able to get big discounts and freebies around the high street.  

If you are a student then you are probably going to need a computer.  Is it possible to get a free computer,  Yes it is, kind of.  There are several mobile phone providers out there who are currently offering £400.00 laptops in exchange for you signing up to a phone contract.  You will end up with a mobile phone contract, but if you have not got one already then it is probable that you will get one eventually.  Being away from home means that your parents are going to worry, getting a mobile phone contract will assure them that you will be able to get hold of them no matter what – and you will also end up with a free computer out of it.

Apple are also offering a discount on all their products for students. All you need to do is take proof of you being a student into one of their stores and you will get 10% off your purchase.

If you are a student living at home then you may be eligible to qualify for a free computer under a new government scheme.  They have pledged to provide all children from low income familys access to a computer and the internet to help them with their education.  If you are under 19 and still living at home then you could qualify for a free computer.  

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