Fun-filled Lunchbox Ideas

Kids don’t bother to bring their lunchboxes anymore. Rather, they choose to eat lunch served by the school. You cannot monitor what they eat and the nutritional content of their meals. A great way to do this is to prepare a creative and fun-filled lunchbox for your kids, something that will attract them to bring and eat what you have prepared.

There are things to consider making a fun-filled lunchbox. One is to put in your child’s lunch an encouraging note or congratulations note for their achievements in school, or simply a note saying “I Love You.”

To add more fun, pack their personalised lunchbox with healthy and delicious foods likes fruits, juices, chips and decorated sandwiches. Aside from packing with nutritional value, consider also your kid’s request because your kid’s taste is the most important factor at lunch.

Another idea is to buy stickers, markers or crayons and let your kids show their creativity by decorating their own lunchbox. A puzzle game in your kid’s lunchbox will also add some sort of fun to them by making them guess what you have prepared; or leave some nutritional facts about the food they are going to eat to add knowledge, since they are learning the importance of food nutrition in the school.

You will be helping your kids have a sense of self and enhance their school performance. With a fun-filled lunchbox, it will provide your kids a lunch time that is fun, healthy and convenient.

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