GCSE Choices – Science

Science in some format is usually the other core subject at GCSE level, but it is down to the school whether you have to take GCSE Science, which combines all areas of science in an interesting course, or whether you have to choose an option from GCSE level Physics, Chemistry or Biology. If you really enjoy science you can normally choose to do more science either in the form of a second choice from that group, of if your school teaches science as a combined subject you can choose advanced or further science. This means you will spend double the time in science lessons, and take double the amount of exams.

If you are in the general science environment then as part of your course you will get to look at all areas of science, and this can be a very interesting course, helping you see what area you enjoy most and what you may want to take further when you leave school. Don’t worry about which science format your school chooses to teach, as all GCSE awards count for the same in terms of career progression. So a GCSE ‘A’ grade in Science will be treated the same at college as a GCSE ‘A’ grade in Biology.

Chemistry is always popular as it is a more practical science; biology looks at the plant, animal and human make up, and Physics is the science of matter and images. To hold your interest teachers bring practical work into all areas.

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