Gift Box Wedding Cakes

One of the hottest trends in the wedding cake industry is the gift box design. For a very unique and modern design, it may be an idea to think about choosing one of these cakes. Here are some of examples of this popular wedding cake trend.

Gift box wedding cakes are exactly as they sound. The cake is designed to look as though the cake is a stack of gift boxes. Each tier of the cake will be a gift box, each one with a slightly different design. Fondant is generally used to create this appearance because of its smooth texture. 

These types of wedding cakes will always be lavishly decorated, which will depend on the exact design of the cake. Almost all gift box cake designs will include bows; some may also include ribbon, polka dots, and stripes. The amount of decorations on the wedding cake will depend on the couple’s personal tastes. Some people choose to keep their gift box wedding cake simple, while others will want theirs to be flashy. 

Gift box wedding cakes should follow the theme colours of the wedding. However, there are certain colours which seem to be more popular for this wedding cake design. Combinations of blue and white, blue and brown, pink and brown, pink and white, and pink and black are all popular colour choices for gift box wedding cake designs. 

Overall, gift box wedding cakes are ideal for those who want a very modern design. A great way to personalise these cakes is for the boxes to represent the shopping habits of the couple.

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