Golden Retriever – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Golden Retriever is a relatively new breed of dog and was bred primarily for hunting. Its soft mouth and love of water made it a good choice for retrieval of game undamaged. As they are also very versatile and intelligent, they have been used in search and rescue, drug detection and as guide dogs for the blind and deaf. They are also commonly used as therapy dogs for the disabled.

The golden retriever has a luxurious coat that can grow relatively long, especially as it ages. This is a large breed and they are physically mature by two years old but do not mentally mature until three years old at the earliest. This is what gives them their playfully, puppyish nature. They are very easily trained and can be taught to recognise several hundred words. This enables the dog to excel at competitive obedience and performing tricks.

This is an extremely patient, kind breed that lends itself well to hunting and waiting for game. They are also very active and playful and are renown for their love of water. They are also noted for their intelligence and their gentleness with children. They are nurturing and eager to please. This makes them hugely popular as a family pet. Their nature does, however, make them a poor guard dog, as they will be just as friendly to strangers as to people they know. As suggested by the name, this dog loves to retrieve things. Sticks, balls or flying items will keep it happily occupied for hours.

Golden Retrievers become very attached to their human owners. They will sometimes become distressed if their owner leaves the room. They also have a persistent desire to hold something in their mouth and will often be seen carrying things around to meet this need.

The Golden Retriever is a moderately active dog and, like all larger dogs, requires daily exercise. Without this, they are prone to become overweight and the health problems that come with this. The dog may also become mischievous, over-exuberant and highly-strung without adequate exercise. Due to this, they are not a good choice of pet for an elderly owner who is unable to provide the necessary amount of activity needed to keep the dog in a good state of health. This breed also needs to be groomed daily to avoid heavy shedding. The smooth double coat is easily groomed with a firm brush, and attention should be paid to the undercoat, which can easily matt. They shed throughout the year, but they have two periods of heavy shedding which are known as their “blow coat”.

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The average life expectancy for this breed is approximately 10 to 12 years and there are a number of ailments and diseases to which they are prone. These include hip dysphasia, cancer, cataracts, heart problems, joint diseases, skin diseases and haemophilia. Breeding dogs should also be checked for Von Will Brands disease.

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