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Good Food – Going Straight to the Heart of the Matter: General Tips for Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart

The British Heart Foundation gives the advice that, “Prevention is better than cure and a healthy diet can not only reduce your chances of developing heart disease, but also protect your heart from further problems if you’ve already been diagnosed”. So the sooner you start eating healthily the better. Here are some diet must-dos for a healthy heart:

Forego the Fat
High cholesterol can increase your chance of heart disease, and saturated fat is a high risk culprit when it comes to raising your cholesterol. So reduce your consumption of saturated fats and switch instead to monunsaturated and polyunsatured alternatives.

Stay off Salt
Keep your salt intake low to keep your blood pressure low. To add spice to your food without the risk, flavour your cooking with herbs instead of salt.

Beware the Booze
Rising blood pressure and weight gain damages the heart, alcohol adds pounds and pressure, so reduce or cut it out.

Have Five a Day
There’s good evidence that fruit and veg help to lower the risk of coronary heart disease, so eat at least five portions of fruit and veg a day. It doesn’t matter if your five are straight from the ground, out of the freezer, or straight from the tin, or whether they are raw or cooked.

Enjoy a Fish Dish
Every week you should try to eat at least two fish portions, with up to two portions of oily fish per week. Males and females have different tolerances so check the food standards website for a definitive list of fish categories and your recommended weekly intake