Health While at University

While away at university you should remember not to neglect your health, and you should make sure that you look after yourself.

Being around so many other people constantly can result in you getting ill if there is a bug going round. It is common for first years to go down with what has become known as the “fresher’s flu”, and it is important that you go to the doctor to get checked out if you are feeling particularly bad.

When you first arrive at university you will need to find out where the nearest doctor is for you to register with. You will find that most students use the same one, as you must usually live within a certain area for a particular doctor. Contact your university student support department or student union to find out the nearest one to you.

The same applies to dentists. Don’t neglect your teeth, and make sure that you get regular checkups.

It is inevitable that at university sexual health is a major issue amongst the students. You will find that you are able to get free condoms from many different sources. At the fresher’s fare they are usually given out in the bagful to encourage safer sex. You can also get them from your university student union, sexual health clinics and doctors. Remember if you are going to have sex use a condom. Getting a sexually transmitted disease while at university will not be a nice souvenir for you.

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