Healthy Eating for Toddlers

Once your baby is weaned from the bottle or breast, and you have an independent toddler on you hands, then getting them fed healthily can be another worrying point. You need to ensure that they are getting enough food, and they are eating a healthy variety.

Your toddler will go through periods where they eat little, followed by periods of wolfing plenty down and wanting more. This is a time when they are learning and experiencing life, so eating is a chore taking them away from their play. Here is how to make sure your toddler eats well on their voyage of discovery:


Make sure you offer a variety of healthy foods, so you know they are getting what they need. Small amounts of each item are best. Stick to finger food portions.

Nearly New

Your toddler may be reluctant to try new food. Don’t give up. Let them see it on their plate several times. If they still don’t like it, then leave it out for a while and reintroduce it next week.

Get Tricky

If your toddler refuses to eat anything remotely resembling healthy veg, then hide it in something they love. Try chopping up carrots and cabbage and hiding it in a home-made burger or in meatballs and spaghetti. If they love mashed potatoes, then mash up carrots, turnips and parsnips to give your mash a sweet taste and a lovely orange colour. A sprinkling of grated cheese on any food also makes it more palatable.

Have fun

Above all, engage your toddler to make food fun. Make funny faces with your cooked and salad vegetables; use cucumber slices for eyes, tomato quarters for ears, red and yellow pepper slices make a great nose and mouth, and grated carrots makes excellent hair. Get your toddler to help make the funny face to allow them to handle their food and enjoy the cooking process too.

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