Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Most parents are so busy with their work that they sometimes just prepare their kids’ lunchboxes without noting whether it’s healthy or not. They usually buy highly processed foods that contain sugar, transfats, preservatives and other unhealthy items, which are not good for the body. In order to improve the contents of the lunch box, here are some ideas that will surely help.

A lunchbox should contain a main dish, vegetables and something sweet. With this threesome in mind, preparing lunches will be easier. Stock of the reserves should be properly kept. Set aside one area of the cupboard for only lunchbox items, and during non-school hours, it should be off limits to kids. Set aside one area in the fridge, too. Ask the kids to make a list of what items they want in their lunchbox. Ask their likes and dislikes, and keep updating the list.

Leftovers should also be packed ahead of time. If there are leftovers like pesto pasta, pineapple chunks or some mini-meatballs, pack them up immediately, put them in a container and place the container into the dining area in the fridge. Doubling favourite recipes, such as macaroni and cheese or healthy cookies, can also be done easily and should be packed right away into lunchbox containers. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes because there are some kids who don’t want the same lunch again and again. Introducing a new element once in a while will keep them from falling into a nutritional rut.