Historic home remedies

A lot happens at home that we are forced to always be on our toes. From mild illnesses to accidents, all we can do is have the remedies right at our fingertips. In-depth research is sure to reveal all the underlying medications that we need. With historic home remedies made available to us, what could go wrong? Instead, everything is made easier even for the newbies. However, everything crumbles before your very eyes when your sources are questionable. These are some of the most revered and popular home remedies that have been in existence for the longest time:

Aloe Vera

Every home must have some aloes close by in case of an emergency. Aloe Vera has been one of the most trusted and revered home remedies. It is mild and readily available at every time and season of the year. Aloe Vera is a remedy that has been embraced since time immemorial. It can be used either internally or externally at home. The likes of sunburns and irritations on the skin are problems that seem to be on everyone’s tongue. As for the internal uses, Aloe Vera is used mostly to treat ulcers and some intestinal irritations.


This is another important home remedy that most of us are familiar with. Chamomile is a natural remedy that contains healing and soothing features. For example, after that hearty meal and you feel like your chest is on fire, look no further. Chamomile has been known to treat and soothe heartburns. What’s more, it is highly recommended as a drink that helps you relax when taken before bedtime. Indigestion is a thing of the past when chamomile is in the mix. Most importantly, pay attention to the consistency factor. Chamomile effectively works when you become consistent in taking it.


This is a natural herb mostly known for its ability to aid in blood circulation. If yours is a sedentary kind of lifestyle, Cinnamon should do the trick. Sitting down for long hours hinders proper circulation. Rather than settle for coffee, have a warm cup of cinnamon to see you through the long hours of sitting down at the office. The best part is that Cinnamon is never out of season. You are better off when you include it in your grocery shopping list. Take it as a tea after a hard day’s work of sitting straight all day long. You will experience its effective treatment when you no longer have to face frequent headaches.


This applies mostly for ladies that are pregnant and in the first trimester. During this time, morning sickness is usually at its peak. Mints help in getting rid of the nauseous feeling. This wonder-working remedy also sends heartburn and indigestion packing. Peppermint can be taken as tea to restore the sense of freshness. Peppermint is not only meant for pregnant ladies. Those of us that are battling car sickness can also have some of it right before a journey. It helps in suppressing the nauseous feeling that comes creeping in unannounced. Drinking more of it will increase your chances of improving the digestion process.

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