Home is Where the Herp Is

Reptiles are beautiful and exciting additions to any household. They make great pets. The question is, where will you keep your reptile,

There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing the home, or vivarian, for your reptile
When it comes to a home for your pet, the size of the living space matters. Depending on the species you want to care for, you’ll need the right space to keep your herp happy and healthy. But beware, bigger is not always better. Some species of reptiles get nervous and uncomfortable in a habitat that is too large for its size. Knowing what your herp wants by understanding its needs will go a long way to making it happy.

Once you have a habitat and have filled it with all the things you reptile will need, maintenance is vital. Obviously, everyone likes a clean living space. Many species of reptiles are particularly susceptible to getting sick from bacteria that might breed in their vivarians and so it is vital that their environment be kept clean.

When maintaining their vivarian, pay special attention to the water which aquatic or amphibious reptiles might need to swim in. Moss or algae that could grow if maintenance is neglected might be dangerous for your reptile to eat or inhale. Make sure to check any bowls your herp eats from or drinks out of. Wash them well and often to ensure that no unhealthy bacteria is growing there.

In terms of maintenance, it is also important to be sure to keep an eye on the temperature. If your heating units are not functioning correctly your reptile might not have the temperature it needs to stay comfortable.

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