How to find affordable dental implants

Dental implants can support a false tooth or teeth and are put in place with a titanium screw which mimics the function of a tooth root. They are a safe, long-lasting way of maintaining a natural smile, but an affordable dental implant can be hard to find. Replacing just one tooth can cost more than $1000, but there are ways in which you can receive great quality dental care for less.

Whenever you’re searching for a bargain, it pays to shop around. To be in with a chance of getting lower rates than you’ve already been quoted, visit or call a number of dentists in your area to get estimated prices for dental implants. Just Google ‘dental implants near me’ for a full list of local surgeries and their contact details. Then, ask each for a detailed breakdown of every fee involved. This should include your appointments, surgery, x-rays and materials, as well as any other procedures which may become necessary. It’s worth remembering that other health professionals, aside from dentists, are able to carry out these fittings. So, look for oral surgeons and periodontists, to see how their prices may differ from those of a dentist.

As part of your search, be sure to check out any newer dental practices that may have opened in your area. Dentists who have only just set up in business and are not yet established, often lower their prices to attract patients in the early months. This helps them to build up a larger clientele and gives you the opportunity to get the work done for less.

Most of us would prefer to get our treatment done close to where we live, but it’s sometimes the case that the best dental implant prices are found further afield. By extending your search to include a larger part of the country, you can beat the dental lottery. In big cities where the cost of living can be higher, dental practices have increased overheads and these are passed onto their patients. In smaller towns where a practice pays less rent and has less staff, the prices of treatment can be considerably lower.

People who live close to a training clinic or medical school, may find the best dental implant prices are available there. You can sign up to take part and be treated by students who need to gain real-world experience of their profession. They will carry out the implant surgery alongside a fully qualified dentist. Of course, assistance will be provided whenever it is needed, so you do not need to worry about getting substandard implants. If you choose to take this route, the consultations are likely to take place during working hours and many visits may be needed before the work is complete, as students may need longer than usual.

Every year many people travel abroad for affordable dental implants and they are very happy with the results. Assuming you adequately research the company, dentist, and facility concerned, you can certainly expect the same standard of care and work as you would in the U.S, at a far lower cost. Dental tourism to Costa Rica, Mexico and some parts of Europe is especially popular, but this option is more suitable for people requiring a straightforward procedure, as follow-ups can bump up the overall price tag.

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