Fitting New Handles and Knobs For An Easy Kitchen Refresh

Fitting and/or fixing handles and doorknobs are very important for the overall look of your kitchen. There are no set rules for completing this type of DIY project. The “rule of thumb” followed is where it looks right is where it should be put. This type of project is really a matter of personal preference as to what looks good and fits a person’s particular lifestyle.

The standard would be that if the cupboard is on the wall, then the handles should be toward the bottom of the cupboard for easy access. Take into consideration the shorter people in your household. For cupboard units, the handles should be toward the top.

Hold the handle or knob against the unit before you begin to drill the screw holes. You will have to outline the unit where the handles or knobs are going to be placed. You want to make sure you outline the whole thing. This will ensure the proper placement. Whilst still holding the handle against the unit, mark off where your first screw will go by doing so through a screw hole. Now you are ready to drill.

It is best to use a 2mm bit to start your hole. This size of bit is safe as there are less chances of it splitting your wood. Finish drilling the hole with the proper size bit. Screw your handle in and make sure not to tighten it. You need to be able to move it to measure your next hole. Align the handle and mark off your next screw hole. Follow the same steps to drill the other screw hole. Tighten the screws.

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