How to Get Toddlers to Brush Their Teeth

Many kids hate having their teeth brushed. Toddlers find brushing a time-consuming and boring activity. There are several ways to make brushing teeth easier and more fun for toddlers.

One way is to allow toddlers to make choices. For instance, having two or more toothbrushes to select from instead of one gives the kids a better sense of choice. Parents could allow their child to choose whether to sit on the counter or stand on a chair to brush. Parents could also allow their child to choose whether to brush during or after bath time. If the kids are very insistent on brushing their teeth by themselves, then parents can allow their child to brush frequently.

Some kids may protest to having a parent brush their teeth, but are happy to clean their teeth themselves. The possible solution to this problem is to allow both the parent and the child to do the job. Maybe the child can start brushing, and then let the parent finish the task. Some kids would rather have a parent do the brushing first, and then be allowed to finish the job.

Another way is to make the brushing fun for the kids. Some toddlers just need to find the fun in everyday activities. Some kids love songs and will be happy to clean their teeth while listening to a song about dental hygiene. Any silly songs parents make up can help kids enjoy brushing more.

Tooth brushing is important, but many kids do not care about their dental hygiene. Thus, parents should think of strategies to make tooth brushing more enjoyable for their kids.

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