How to Give Yourself a Professional Blowout

Everybody dreams of perfectly styled hair. How can you attain the magic of the perfect blowout for your hair without going in the salon, Is it really possible, Well, yes, it is possible as long as you take the right steps. In 15 to 30 minutes, you can give yourself a professional blowout. Here’s how:

Wash your hair first, you cannot blowout your hair if it is sopping wet so be sure to remove excess water. Then, apply hair styling products to your hair. A good hair product is the key ingredient towards a perfect blowout. Coating every hair strand with the product is the secret. Start coating from the end, then go up to the hair shaft. End it by combing the hair with the product. Before starting the blowout, make sure that your hair is dry. Separate your hair into sections, and use ponytail holders or clips to secure each section. Pull the hair out a few inches while using the dryer on the air setting. Then, with the use of round brush, pull the hair as you blow dry it. Stretch your hair towards the point as it dries. The final step for every section is to pull the hair taut using the brush and then blasting it with the air dryer. Finish through all the sections until your hair is completely dry. Lastly, apply a hair serum to shine up your hair.

Give yourself a perfect blowout without compromising much of your time, and of course, without breaking the bank. So, treat yourself now!

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