How to Grow Out a Bob Hairstyle

One of the best hairstyles is the Bob hairstyle. This style best fits straight and thick hair. There are a number of ways to change the bob while it grows. Here are the steps you need to easily maintain a bob hairstyle.

First, to alter the classic bob while keeping the length, remove the heavy angles of the bob in small increments; the output is more likely of a square cut that has to be personalised. Next, alter the bangs by letting them grow out first, and then cut the new bangs to an in-between length. It will take about three months to come to point where you feel comfy.

Third, change the “Stacked Back” look by making the longer corners in front even, removing the bulk that was shaped to provide that stacked feel at the back, and lowering the shape in the back and lifting the length in the front. Next is to put in some highlights to add some colour to the affair. In order to create an illusion of softness in any of the heavy areas of the previous cut, add in a few highlights as your hair starts to grow.

Lastly, try hand drying as an alternative to using a brush, or switch from a flat brush to a round and vice versa. Stop treating it like a bob since it is no longer one.

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