How to Improve Hill Walking Technique

Walking is said to be the best form of exercise. Aside from the fact that it is healthy, it is also economical and helps to for those who are enthusiasts of adventures and thrills.

Hill walking enables you to see beautiful views from the tops of the hills, high mountain peaks, and ridges, as well as seeing colourful flowers and plants, amazing animals, and other scenery. For those who are new to hill walking, holistic preparation is essential to enjoy it more. Plan your activity by gathering necessary things like a bottle of water and some food. If possible, know the weather before going. Moreover, it requires a high-oxygen demand on your body and makes more use of the muscles of the thighs and buttocks than usual, so it is important to warm up first by walking for about 10 minutes on flat ground. Correct posture, like placing feet carefully and leaning slightly into the hill, also helps maintaining balance, avoids too much strain on the knee and hip joints, and prevents oneself from slipping. In going uphill, walking poles can help to set a rhythm for walking. If one is not super fit, a slow pace of walking and maintaining a slow, normal breathing pattern may be a great help to avoid a quick depletion of energy and will help the lungs sustain an adequate supply of air.

In conclusion, like in other events, the attitude in hill walking is as important as the techniques. Provide yourself with lots of minor destination points along the route, and when one site is reached, you can reward yourself.

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