How to Pack a Healthy, Tasty Lunch for Kids

All parents want their kids to eat right. However, there are times when kids don’t eat the food in their lunchboxes because it’s not tasty. Preparing a tasty lunch for kids is tricky and requires creativity. But, it will assure you that your kids will end up eating healthy meals, and they will continue this habit even as adults.

The first thing to consider is to prepare a lunch with fruits. Most kids love bananas, apples and grapes. However, some kids don’t like juicy fruits, so let them try dried fruit such as dried apples, banana chips or even pineapple munchies. Secondly, prepare a decent ratio of carbohydrates and protein by putting some sliced turkey and a bit of low fat cheese in a sandwich. Also add veggies. Some kids don’t eat cooked vegetables so give them raw veggies like celery sticks or carrots for nibbling. Chopped jicama and raw broccoli is also an excellent lunchtime snack.

Adding dairy products should also be considered. Give them yoghourt or cheese. Get some vanilla or plain yoghourt instead of buying pre-packaged individual servings of yoghourt. Lastly, eliminate high-sugar fruit juices and sodas. As an alternative, give them cold water and milk.

Here’s a tip, freeze the water bottle and put it in the lunchbox to keep the lunch cold, but make sure that it will melt by the time the kid has lunch in school.

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