How to pick the right wedding dress for you

When you get married you will want to wear the most perfect fitting wedding dress that you can find. Not only do you want to look sensational but you also want to feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world. Wedding dresses can be different styles for different body shapes, so you can pick the wedding dress of your dreams. Getting the perfect wedding dress ultimately means getting the perfect fit, so it is very important that before buying your dress you establish your body shape first. By doing this you can see which style flatters your figure and which styles don’t, and you will have piece of mind that on your wedding day you will look and feel like a million dollars.

If you have a full figure then you have a voluptuous shape – fuller breasts, a slight tummy, rounder hips and a bottom. For this type of figure a ball gown will be a suitable choice as it will hide the obvious bits. If you don’t fancy this then a simple A-line silhouette dress will look good. Avoid a sheath as it will make you look much heavier than you actually are.

An hourglass figure is where you have large breasts and hips but a tiny waist. For this body shape an A-line dress that has a dropped waist will most definitely show off your figure and with a sweetheart style neckline you will enhance your chest. Don’t go for a ball gown as your figure will look out of sorts.

If you have a pear shape figure – you are heavier on top and heavy on the bottom – go for a ball gown style that is strapless with a corset waist. Your bottom half would be covered and the focus would be on the top half. Avoid a gown that is mermaid style as it will draw attention to your bottom.

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