How to Prepare Your Place for a Date

In preparing your place for a date, cleaning is the key to making a good impression. Women usually make their first impressions about you by how well your place is cleaned and prepared. Here are some guidelines to make your place presentable:

1. Most guys think of their toilets in useful terms. Most women think of the room as much more, meaning a bathroom should be clean. Get your mop and brush, then spend a few hours cleaning the bathroom.

2. Wash dishes. Don’t just wash the dishes in the sink, but also make sure that all of the plates, silverware and glasses in the cabinets are clean. After doing so, stack them in a neat and proper place.

3. You might think you did an excellent job in cleaning the toilet, but it still might be unsanitary. Clean it again by taking a brush and scrubbing between the tiles. Also scrub underneath the toilet by getting down your knees and hands.

4. Get a broom and sweep all dirty stuff off the floor. If your floor is covered with a carpet, get a vacuum and run it over every single inch of the floor to get all the dust. Finally, get a feather duster and get rid of the dusty particles on the surfaces in your apartment.

5. Remove dirty stuff from your toilet once again. You thought you were done cleaning the bathroom, but unfortunately you must improve your toilet cleaning to a higher level to present an acceptable disease-free toilet. Get the most powerful cleaning agent and apply it to every inch of your tiles. Also, open the door and window for proper ventilation.

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