How to Prevent Running Injuries

Running is a strenuous kind of sport that involves the muscular part of the body. During the running activity, most runners experience different injuries. Along with the benefits that running can provide, there are also many risks that come with it.

In order to prevent injury that you might sustain during the course of running, you must consider your health. Before venturing into running, consult first a doctor to examine your health and level of fitness. Determine how much your body can tolerate the stress that running can cause. Next, be aware that you must have the proper shoes and clothes when running. Wearing shoes that have lost their durability and cushioning may lead to new injury and may aggravate existing problems. You should also be conscious about your running style as this may also cause injuries. As a runner, you must also do some warm-up exercises, such as stretching, before going for a run. Consider also the surfaces that are appropriate for running so as not to overstrain the foot, legs, hips and back. While running, apply a sun-block cream to the skin or stay away from too much exposure to the sun. This may not strain the muscles but it can cause irritation to the skin. Good nutrition and a well-balanced diet should also be observed if you wish to run. The importance of eating foods that are high in carbohydrates to sustain the needed energy, and the importance of drinking lots of water to prevent dehydration, cannot be over-emphasised.

To prevent re-injury, rest and ease back into training with water running and cycling, or use an elliptical trainer. Remember that progress takes time and that overstraining is the main cause of injury.

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