How to Start Running For the First Time

Running is good exercise as well as a good sport. If you have never tried running, here are some of the steps on how to start. In no time, you will begin a programme for getting in shape and losing weight.

Before running, one should have a pair of good running shoes. If you don’t have shoes, you can go to a sports shop; they can help you with your choice. After purchasing, find a place for running. A treadmill can be a good place to start. Before running, warm up by walking at a fast pace for about 5 to10 minutes. Bear in mind that in running, it is important to start at a slow pace. Do not push your body the first time. A runner should know his physical limits. Start jogging and alternate it with walking. Stop for a while to monitor your heart rate. Monitoring can be done by observing how fast the heart is beating or through a heart rate monitor. Then, continue running and after a few runs, run more and walk less until you are running continuously without stopping. Vary the training so you will not get bored. You can always change your routine, run with new scenery, or increase the length of time or pace.

Have fun, for running can not only get the runner in shape but it can also be relaxing once you are into the habit.

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