Ideas for Reception Flowers

While the wedding ceremony is often a religious ceremony and has an inherent sense of reverence, the reception is an all out celebration of your new life together. Therefore, when planning your flowers, you don’t have to feel restrained by social conventions. This is your day to celebrate the special bond between you and your new spouse.

Most receptions feature food and some form of entertainment. You may have decided to offer a fully catered meal to your guests and provide dancing later. However, a more relaxed attitude may be more your style with light refreshments and mingling. Choose flowers that reflect the mood and style that you are trying to portray.

There are some common places to decorate when planning the reception. The first is the tables that will be used by your guests. A well-designed centrepiece can really bring your theme into focus. You can either make each centrepiece exactly the same or vary them a bit. For example, choosing the same arrangements with different coloured flowers is a common technique.

The biggest focal point in the room should be the centrepiece on the bridal table. As your guests are celebrating the bride and groom on this day, it is appropriate to suggest that visually. The bridal centrepiece should coordinate with the other flowers being used, including the bouquet and other table decorations. However, it can be arranged more opulently than surrounding décor as long as it is still within the theme and style.

There are other places where floral decorations are appropriate. These include the perimeter of the venue and architectural or design details. If your venue has columns, by all means, run flowers up them! However, it is always helpful to have a discerning eye to make sure that you don’t overdo it. As in all parts of your wedding, balance is important.

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