5 interactive science fair project ideas

With each passing generation, kids are becoming smarter and smarter; bringing innovative ideas into making science projects. I have visited many science fairs in my life as both teacher and student. The thing I have noticed so far is that as the years pass, the projects presented in science fairs are becoming more and more complex. Although your eyes can still catch some traditional projects and models like a volcanic eruption, Tesla Coil, Solar cooker, Wind – Water power plant, etc. So, today in this post I want to share some innovative and stand-alone science fair project ideas and projects which you probably have never heard about.

Chemical Sniffing Lego Robot

Presenting a Lego Robot in a science fair is not a big deal; you can find many robots even in an inter-school level science fair, but this is something far better than any of these. The concept of a sniffing robot was presented by Anna Simpson at California State level science fair. The Robot was made out of plastic and was able to recognize many hazardous chemicals.

Effectively stopping cyberbullying

Making a science project is sometimes just about creating something that helps society no matter how simple it looks. We all know that with the introduction of social sites, the cases of cyberbullying also increased exponentially, but luckily we have a generation that is aware of this situation and also can find a solution. A student named Trisha Prabhu designed a program that can detect hate words when someone types something on social sites and also warns them that the post could hurt someone’s sentiments and feeling. That gives people a chance to rethink before posting.

Managing the household device

Science is never about inventing something overnight that changes the world the next morning. Most scientific discoveries are inspired by our daily non-important things which we have chosen to ignore, but someone just can’t ignore that. A student name Akash Gupta observed little vampires (not real ones!) sucking electricity of his house. He came up with a fantastic solution and created a device using domestic technology to keep track of this vampire thingy. His device can monitor energy use over the entire house.

Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide

Acidic oxides released by the burning of fossil fuel are a real problem nowadays. They are responsible for air pollution, the greenhouse effect and acid rain. Two students Bing and Wang made a device which worked on a process called acid-base neutralization. This device was capable of removing CO2 from the air which is released due to the burning of fossil fuels and also is able to collect it for storing and practical uses.

Helping deaf people

A student named Jonah Kohn discovered a way to help deaf people. In his project, Jonah showed that vibration of sound can travel through his teeth and skull and could reach his eardrums and be understood by his brain. He showed that vibration of sound can also travel through our bones and constructed a device which can help deaf people hear as clearly as 95%. This device can send sound to people’s brain through a tactical sound speaker placed on their fingertips.

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