Is the cost of dental implants lower in South America?

Are you concerned that you might be paying over the odds for dental implants? An increasing number of people are traveling to South America for dental work of this sort. It’s true that the cost is lower up front, but what can you expect to get for your money? Can you expect your implants to last as long and is there a higher risk of complications? Which country offers the best value for money?

Costa Rica

One of the best places to get high-quality dental treatment at low prices in South America is Costa Rica; largely because it has developed a niche industry catering to visiting US citizens. It understands and aims to meet their expectations, but its operating overheads are much lower, enabling it to offer dental implants at around a third of what they cost in the US. These are around the lowest priced implants you’ll find while still receiving a good standard of care, with a low level of risk that you’ll need follow-up procedures.


In Colombia prices are about a third higher than they are in Costa Rica (still under half what you’d pay in the US, but the standard of care is excellent and often better than you’d get at home. Colombia’s leading dental practitioners cater to a large market in expat Americans who need sophisticated forms of treatment and expect the best. The extensive range of procedures on offer mans that if you do experience complications, you can access the appropriate care immediately and be confident about the results.


The quality of dental treatment available in Mexico varies enormously and you will need to do careful research before you choose a clinic, however, you can get good quality implant surgery done here at not much over the cost in Costa Rica, with the plus point that, for many US citizens, it’s only a short drive away. Clinics in the northern part of the country cater extensively to US customers and some even employ dentists trained in the US who find that the cost of living south of the border suits them better.

Things to consider

Not every South American country has the same regulatory standards as the US (though some are better) so if you’re thinking of becoming a dental tourist, do your research first. Don’t be drawn in by the first low price deal you’re offered. Be wary of online review sites as reviews like this are easy to fake. The best recommendations are those that come from people you know.

When working out what you can save, remember to take into account the cost of travel, accommodation and eating and drinking while away from home, as well as any wages you forego in order to make the trip. Bear in mind that you might need to stay for an extra day or two if you have complications, which can occur even with the highest quality treatment. As a rule, traveling to get dental implants makes more sense if you need more than one. That’s where the really big savings come in.

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