Joovy Ergo Caboose Stroller

For those parents with a baby and a toddler of two to three years old, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is best for you. You are going to love this lighter version (at 21 lbs.) of the well-known Joovy Caboose (26 lbs.), and you’ll really like its solid colour. At 21 lbs., lifting it isn’t going to break your back.

The biggest revolution is that an infant carriage seat can be attached to the back of the stroller, enabling your older kid to sit down in the forepart seat. The seat has a firmly woven mesh that is really comfortable and easily suits both the baby and a toddler. The deluxe seat package accessories include a padded, fitted cover for the rear as well as for front seats.

The suspension is also enhanced because of the rear pneumatic air tyres. Steering is very easy; just hold the wheels not closed in the swivel mode. Parents won’t have to be anxious about fitting it through doorways. Its brake is trouble-free to engage. Just be sure to hear it noticeably click after pushing it downwards on whichever wheel. This stroller also has a very large canopy that offers terrific coverage for sun exposure. There is also a sun filter available to fully shade your child in the front place.

For parents with two young kids and an older one, the Big Caboose triple stroller is best for you. It has two full seats, a ride on board and a padded bench.

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