Kitchen Design Ideas : In Cabinet Lighting

kitchen cabinet light

Adequate lighting is important in any kitchen. Subtle lighting will provide ambience, while bright illumination is required for you to properly see what you are doing when cooking and preparing food. The installation of lights into the plinth, covings or cornices of kitchen units can be carried out quite easily. There are specialist lighting kits that can be bought at your local hardware store or you can create your own lighting solutions under the guidance of a properly qualified electrician.

You will need to decide where and how many lights you wish to install, before marking out the locations and making suitable holes in the units. Be sure to make the mounting holes the correct size and shape to suit the light fittings you are using, taking care not to make them too large. Insert the lights and connect the wires from each light into a transformer or control box. When using this type of circuit, a radial circuit, the last light on the circuit does not necessarily have to connect back into the transformer or control box. Clip the wiring in place, being sure that it is not obstructed by anything and that there is nothing resting on top of it.

Finally, you can connect your new lights to the power supply and switch. When carrying out any type of electrical installation it is recommended that you obtain certification from a qualified electrician, otherwise you risk invalidation of your house insurance. You should also remember that working with electricity is extremely dangerous and that there is always a risk of accidental injury or even death.

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