New Kitchen Unit Lighting Ideas

kitchen unit

The most active room in your house is usually the kitchen. The kitchen will also be one of the major selling points or buying points of your house

If the unit lighting in your kitchen is subdued, then it will create a great ambiance. It is strongly suggested that you use lighting kits to give your kitchen that touch of class. These kits will come in a variety of designs that are sure to fit all design preferences. They will usually have 9, 10, or 12 bulbs and are also available in LEDs. They come in all one colour, many colours, or colours that change regularly. The transformer/control box should be fixed to an accessible surface and the cables fastened to the wall. You may also want to run the cables in conduit or ducting, which would create a tidier look.

You can place your lights in the door-frame or on the baseboard. You can also place them on the moulding or edges. They would even look nice on the ceiling. Create a balanced lighting display by figuring out the distance between bulbs. Drill your holes, using an auger timber or flat drill bit. The diameter of the holes should be in the instructions that come with your kit.

To fix the lights to each other, just plug in the cables from one to the other in the run. You can stop your lights at any time because each light does not have to return to the control box. Remember that if you are not fully confident when dealing with electrical work, hire a professional.  Incorrect electrical wiring can kill!

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