Knitting: Knitting Structures (circular knit with warp knit structure)

Knitting is a process in which a yarn or thread can be turned into cloth. There are various forms of knitting that can be utilised in order to yield products with different structures. Knitters can also use these different forms of knitting depending on the desired outcome and their technical capability. One of these structures is the circular knit with warp knit structure which combines circular knitting with warp knitting.

Circular knitting is a form of knitting that makes a seamless tube by using circular needles or a set of five double-pointed needles. The knitting is simply cast during this process in which a circle formed of stitches is joined together. Sweaters are just one of the traditional products created through circular knitting. Warp knitting, on the other hand, is a family of knitting techniques in which the yarn zigzags along the fabric’s length. This knitting method is commonly done by machine and not by hand. The wales and the courses in warp knitting run roughly parallel to each other. Tricot, milanese knits, and raschel knits comprised the types of knitted fabrics in warp knitting. Lingerie, straight dresses, and coats are some of the products of warp knitting. A circular knit with warp knit structure is a combination of both methods, a yarn knitted by circular knitting that is improved further through warp knitting.

Knitting is a worthy practise utilised and explored nowadays for recreation, social interaction, and business purposes. Various processes, materials, styles and tools are developed to improve the process of knitting and its final products.

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