Knitting Pattern of Garter Stitch Bib

Knitting is an art or hobby where threads or yarn are turned into different kinds of clothes. It consists of loops which are called stitches pulled through each other. It is done by machine or by hand.

Beginners can easily create a garter stitch bib as a gift for a friend, or for mothers. They will surely appreciate the bib for its washable cotton, and extra durability and absorbency. To start with the bib project, one will need 50 yards of medium weight yarn which is 100% cotton whose colour varies according to the knitter’s preference. Also needed are 2 size-seven double-pointed US needles, a stitch holder, a pair of scissors, and a yarn needle or crochet hook. The standard size for bibs is six inches long and seven inches wide with 10-inch ties.

The first thing to do is to cast 30 stitches on single-pointed needles, and then knit in garter stitch up to six inches long. Following the first row, four stitches are needed, bonded with twenty two stitches and knitted with four final stitches. Then the four stitches are knitted onto the double-pointed needle, followed by sliding the remaining stitches off the needle and onto the stitch holder. Next, work with the four stitches onto the needle in an I-cord pattern until it measures ten inches, which will then be bonded and the yarn will be cut. After that, knit the last four stitches off the stitch holder and knit in the I-cord until it measures ten inches, and then bind it off. Lastly, weave in the ends.

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