Knitting Patterns: Fleck Stitch Envelope Purse

Fleck stitch is an easy knitting stitch which involves a row of ribbing on a field of stockinet stitch. This kind of knitting pattern is used in making small bags or little purses.

For those who are new to knitting, it is a good idea to begin working with something small and flat as these items do not require a lot of shaping. For example, they can make a fleck stitch envelope purse. This small purse is easy to do and also easier to use. It is long, rectangle-shaped and folded over itself and sewn together, making it really quick to knit up.

The materials used for knitting this purse are cotton-wool yarn or cotton with a medium weight (about 140 yards), one pair of U.S. knitting needles (size 8), scissors, a yarn needle and an I-cord maker or two U.S. double-pointed needles (size 8).

After preparing the required materials, you can begin knitting the purse. With the use of single-pointed needles, make the first row of 35 stitches. Then, knit in fleck stitch (below) for 20 inches and tie up the last rows. You have to fold it in a rectangular shape so that 8 inches overlap with a 4-inch flap at the top. The side seams must be sewed with mattress stitch or a seaming method of your choice. With the use of double-pointed needles, cast on 4 stitches and make 30 inches of I-cord. Additionally, the I-cord strap can be made faster with the use of an I-cord maker. Sew the handle to the purse at the top on the inside.

By just following the instructions, you can create personalised envelope purses.

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