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Knitting Tools and Supplies: Rowenta Ultrasteam Handheld Steamer

A handheld steamer is a travel requirement for knitted garments. It is tiny, heats up quickly, and of course is best for travelling purposes, since it is portable.

The Rowenta Ultrasteam Handheld Steamer makes it easy for you to steam block clothing or knitted garments. You can use it with 120 or 230-volt circuits. It is also lightweight and easy to pack or store in a travelling bag if planning a trip. Rowenta Steamer comes with lint removal and brush utensil and has a 1.86 ounce water tank which runs on tap water.

Knitted garments steam blocking is a handy way to make the knitted fabric adapt to the shape and size you want. Blocking can be achieved using the steam of an iron, but there are now handy steamers which will make things easier, such the prominent Rowenta Ultrasteam Handheld Steamer. This Steamer was exclusively designed to clear clothes from wrinkles and to steam block knits. It is much lighter than an iron and its steamer heats up quickly. The steam level is adjustable while the water chamber is larger, and you can therefore block your clothes with only a few refills. Since it is exclusively designed for travel use, Rowenta Steamer has light and dual voltage capacities. It also has a push-button activation which provides a non-stop spray of steam. It comes with a brush.

The Rowenta Ultrasteam Handheld Steamer will save you the usual time-consuming block ironing of your clothes. After using it, you won’t use an iron again. Try it!