Knitting Tools and Supplies: Stress Relief Gloves

After long periods of knitting, many complain about repetitive strain injuries—a problem that causes pain in many parts of the body, like the arms, back, shoulder, wrist and neck. These injuries are often the causes of bad knitting habits.

Knitting is sometimes stressful, long hours of which are uncomfortable and could even hurt the hands. There are, however, gadgets designed to help knitting more comfortable and less painful. One of which is stress relief gloves.

Gloves increase circulation and warm the hands. When using them, you can knit for longer and not feel stiffness in the arms.

Stress relief gloves make hands feel less stiff and warmer. When one begins to feel sore, putting these gloves on can enable one to knit for another hour or more, without feeling any pain.

Gloves for knitting are made of spandex and nylon, making the gloves stretch easily on our hands and fit snugly. Gloves do not impede your knitting movement that give you the opportunity to knit whatever you want. There are several sizes of nylon gloves.

One tip in using gloves is to place the seam-side on the top of your hands rather than the palm.

However, sometimes gloves are hard to get used to. The seam of the fabric can also be painful. When used often, nylon fabric can become ragged.

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