Knitting Tools: Circular Needles and Cable Stitch Needles

There are various types of knitting needles. They come in various shapes, materials and sizes. You can use any of them depending upon the pattern you want to make.

One of these knitting needles is the circular needles. They are commonly made of pliable nylon cord with wooden, plastic or metal tips. These needles are utilised for circular seamless items which are too big to use with double-point needles. Circular needles are also utilised for knitting very big and flat items, like afghans (or knitted blankets). You can buy circular needles in different sizes. Their length varies; it can be as short as 11 inches and as big as 47 inches.

Another kind of knitting needle is the cable stitch needles. These are the only needles that have a built-in bend, which are specially created to prevent the cable from slipping off. Furthermore, there are two kinds of cable stitch needles. The first one looks like a little hill at the centre of a vast highway, which is also known as the cable stitch holder or straight cable stitch needle. The second one has a resemblance to a double-point needle with one end bent under. The two kinds of cable stitch needles come in both small and large size, and it is sometimes known as regular and bulky. Moreover, they always come in packages of three, with one bulky needle, one regular needle and one holder.

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